Lease-End Information

Know Your Lease-End Options

Decide how much you love your current Subaru—then, decide what’s next.

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Lease Turn-In
At lease maturity, bring your Subaru to a Subaru franchised retailer and trade it in for a new one, buy your existing leased Subaru or return the vehicle.
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If you’d like to keep driving your leased Subaru, call us and we’ll tell you how you can purchase your vehicle.
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Lease Extension
Contact us today to learn about extending your current Subaru lease while you wait to upgrade to the newest model or choose another vehicle altogether.
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Turning in your leased Subaru

Everything you need to know to prepare for the end of your lease.

Purchasing your Subaru

Love your leased Subaru? We'll help you keep it.

Extending Your Lease

is possible under certain circumstances

Lease Loyalty Program

Love your leased Subaru, but would rather get the latest model?

1 Customers must turn in their leased vehicles within 180 days before their scheduled last payment date OR, if Subaru Motors Finance (SMF) permits an extension, any time within the extension period. They must lease a new Subaru with SMF within 60 days before or after their turn in date. By contacting your Subaru retailer about this offer, they will know that you are a valued Chase customer and that you may meet other eligibility requirements. Please contact your financial advisor for tax implications. Program may be changed or discontinued by Subaru at any time without notice. New leases and financing through SMF are subject to credit approval. Additional terms and conditions apply.